Who are we ?

The Hounds of Springlane is located near the heart of North Canton, in northeastern Ohio. Our goal is to remain a small kennel that focuses on healthy, well-mannered & socialized pups with harmonious conformation, while keeping our eye on what we’re producing for the future generations.All of our dogs are lovingly raised within the walls of our lavender colored house. They are all exercised throughout the city of North Canton, as well as in our own yard and gardens amongst the flora & fauna that has made our home a neighborhood standout.

Our puppies are conditioned to humans from birth on, and they are introduced to obedience, agility and lure coursing from the get-go, or as soon as they are able. We believe in a soft-handed approach to these events, and refuse to break the sighthound spirit within them, or to cause undue stress to them in the pursuit of these activities. Since we truly care about the health and well-being of our puppies throughout their lives, they are always welcomed back into our pack if for any reason their forever home doesn’t work out.