7.22.12 - Other x Dasher Litter is here!
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        12.20.09 - Botanicals Litter Updates
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        9.20.08 - Ohio Classic Weekend

         What a weekend. It started out with some rain, but ended with
         plenty of sunshine. Here's the rundown for the whole weekend.
         Friday & Saturday Show

         Vixen ~ Placed 2nd in Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitch class on Friday.
         Then in Saturday's show, took 1st in that same class, went on to Winners Bitch,          Best of Winners, and Best of Breed !
         ~She earned her ISWS Championship! YEAH!

         Vixen pictured above.

         Dasher placed 1st in American Bred Bitch class, both shows.

         Prancer Placed 1st in Bred-By-Exhibitor Dog class, and Winners Dog both shows.
         ~He earned his ISWS Championship! YEAH!

         Prancer pictured above.

         Yashi took 2nd in Open Dog both shows.

         Dash placed 1st in American Bred Dog class, both shows.

        Black Orchid pictured above.

         Friday, Ohio Classic Puppy Sweepstakes:
         Aspen took 2nd in the 5-7 month Puppy Dog class.

         In the 5-7 month Puppy Bitch class:
         Black Orchid ~took 1st place, and then went BOS in the sweeps!
         Violet ~ 2nd place
         Tiger Lily ~ 3rd place
         Sweet Pea ~ 4th place

Yahuda placed 1st in Veteran Bitch class for both the Friday &
         Saturdays shows.

Apple ~ (SpringLane Kristull Cupid) placed 2nd in the American Bred Bitch class          on Saturday. Great going, Apple! ;~) She was not entered in Friday's show.
         Typically, Apple & Vixen trade off their placements in shows.

         This must be some type of sibling rivalry. LOL

Saturday Racing

4th: Dasher, earning her SRC (Silken Racing Champion)
-out of the points, but here are other placements:
9th: Vixen
12th: Prancer
14th: Dash

Sunday Racing

6th: Dasher (no Nat'l points)
7th: Prancer (2 SRC points)
-out of the points, but here are other placements:
10th: Vixen
14th: Dash

Lure Coursing

1st: 1st & Best of Breed: Vixen
3rd: Dash
5th & NBQ Apple (Next Best Qualifier, meaning: had been tied for placement)

                     "More rapid than eagles her coursers they came..."


         4.5.08 - BOTANICALS LITTER BORN
         We are celebrating the birth of 7 healthy, happy Silken Windhound puplets!

                                               Yahuda nursing the pups


         Sire- "SpringLane SilverStreak                    Dam- "Kristull Yahuda"
         O'RR, CIC, CQ, CGC                                     Best Veteran, SF2007

This time Yahuda decided to deliver during daylight. <yippee!> She started at half-past noon, and ended at 4:40pm. >>BUT SHE KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT PRIOR TO DELIVERY!! <sigh>

This is what it looks like we have:

6 (SIX!) females:
#1 Self Blue & Gold
#2 Self Red Brindle
#3 Spotted Blue Fawn
#4 Irish marked blue & tan or blue sable
#5 Irish marked dark brindle
#6 Black w/white trim

1 (ONE!) male:
#1 Black w/ some white trim

All pups are vigorous nursers, and there were no dead or sickly ones. First glances on all appear great, but I haven't counted toes yet. ;~)
Half-sister Dasher is the most intrigued, and seems to hope for puplet-sitting privileges in the near future. <g>

There will be some pups available, to qualified homes.

                                 SEE PUPPY PHOTOS


Botanicals Update

Ohio Classic Weekend

Botanicals Litter Born
















































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